Friday, 12 April 2013

Military Drone
Sketch up and photoshop


  1. another nice piece. I must ask; when you use sketch up, are you building these models from scratch all the way up or do you work up a basic model with all the proportions and then have a 3d library for the more intricate pipes/rigging details etc?

    hope that question makes sense...

  2. Hi Mark
    question makes perfect sense, the work flow for something like this would be thumbnail sketches to find the silhouette, followed by a really basic blocky model to find the volume while retaining the silhouette I like. And then working in the detail, if I have assets from other models I will "kit bash" them in for speed but in this case it was all built from scratch in about 6 hours ish.
    all the leg elements, pistons, guns are components so I can pivot them, move them around and pose the whole beast into a cool composition

    1. Thanks for the notes. From time to time I build using sketchup as it seems to be the way forward these days. I think when I build things from now on I'll have to start saving off seperate components so I can build up my open assets library. 6 hrs sounds a pretty good time limit to mock up a descent model.